Open letter to humanity ( .pdf ) (updated on April 13th, 2020)
Mystery of numbers 13, 33 and 666

It was some years ago, just after the revelation my guides had led me to.

That day, I went to my room after having meditated on some passages from the book about Master Philippe de Lyon, Life and Words, compiled by Alfred Haehl. With force, my guides from Heaven had led me to this revelation, with force... they had not given in! Despite their insistence, I did not realize yet. And then, I made that spontaneous gesture and all of a sudden, I understood.
What an outburst of joy in my heart! What an admiration! Words cannot describe what I was experiencing. Something unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable really did occur and too few people were aware of that!

I came back to my living room; He was there in front of me! I could not see Him with my fleshly eyes but Christ was really there. I was so amazed that I told Him with force, "I will cry out Your Name in the face of mankind".

Here is the reason I am doing all this; to reveal this truth, I was allowed to pass on in a veiled way only, to those that seek.
The most beautiful present I can offer to humanity is in that truth.

This work has three parts. Parts should be read in order:

Part I : This part is both the stepping stone of this work and its conclusion! It is available since April 13th, 2020 and makes an arithmetico-temporal network based on numbers 13, 33 et 666 stick out of the chronology of History and out of the Book of Revelation given to John. This new network is huge, unexpected, concrete, complex, ramified and supernatural, revealing the presence of two antagonistic nonhuman intelligences, and can be found on

Part II : A small book titled : "The Gospels, Master Philippe de Lyon, a testimony", written in 2014.

Part III : An unexpected article on the Holy Shroud of Turin, and twelve lines of thought available since June 3rd, 2017. All lines of thought, except the 2nd, the 3rd, the 6th and the 10th, are strictly forbidden to read unless you should have a keen desire to advance spiritually. Backtracking will not be possible...

May you make something of it and help me to convey this message with the utmost humility...

In Christ,

Available since June 3rd, 2017. Updated on April 13th, 2020.

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