Answers from Master Philippe

Translation into English by L.P. from the book Les Réponses de Maître Philippe compiled by Philippe Collin and published by Edition Mercure Dauphinois .

Here is the translation : Answers from Master Philippe.

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Many are the women and men who were cured by Master Philippe de Lyon. We can imagine the torrent of admiration he aroused and as we did, they must have wondered, "but what kind of man is he to give eyesight back to the blind, motion back to the paralysed, health back to gangrenous members at once, as if everything obeyed him?" All the words he said were growing precious. People wished to remember them; such person chose an anecdote or a story and others favoured a teaching. Everything is worth grabbing regarding such a man who said, "little am I, I am the least, that is why great things may be done through me, but I deserve no credit." The notes gathered by Master Philippe’s brother, Hugues nicknamed Auguste, during the sessions are available in the last part of this book.


Life and Words of Master Philippe

Translation into English by L.P. from the testimony of Alfred Haehl Vie et Paroles de Maître Philippe published by Edition DERVY 1997 .

Here is the translation : Life and Words of Master Philippe.

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-- April, 25th 1849: Birth of Anthelme Nizier Philippe in Savoie. As she was pregnant, his mother called upon the Curé d’Ars who revealed to her that his son will be a very high being.

-- 1874 - 75: He enrolled as a health officer in Lyons. But his exceptional gifts caused him some hostilities after curing some sick people in a mysterious way at the Hôtel- Dieu.

-- 1895: He opened a special School of Magnetism in Lyons: "To treat with the usual magnetism, one has to be very strong; on the contrary, to practice our magnetism, one has to be very weak, charitable and humble-hearted".

-- His reputation as a thaumaturge became international and he received numerous distinctions and titles of doctor: in United States, in Italy and in Russia, for the healings and miracles he had performed.

-- On August, 2nd 1905: Death of Mister Philippe in his house at L’Arbresle near Lyons.

Notes of his close friends were gathered and in order to preserve his word, this book was written. "Father of the poor" or "friend of God", by all accounts Mr. Philippe was radiant with generosity, courage and energy.

Anyone reading Life and Words will feel that generosity, that courage and that energy through directives offering, with a great simplicity, the ways to fulfill himself in his daily life as in his spiritual life.